Howard County has a Special Weapons and Tactics Team or SWAT Team.  This team was formed in May 2001 with the approval of Sheriff Butch Morris.

The primary mission of the Howard County SWAT Team is to provide support to the department during operations which require special training and equipment to resolve high-risk situations.  This team is highly trained in advance tactics, weaponry and specialized equipment to help in the most peaceful resolution to these extreme situations.

The team is made up of five deputies and/or officers from law enforcement agencies in Howard County.  Three deputies from the Howard County Sheriff's Office, and two officers from Nashville Police Department. 

Since its formation the team has grown in members, training and equipment.  The team has conducted operations such as drug search warrants, surveillance, high-risk arrest warrants, school incidents, armed and barricaded persons, hostage situations and suicidal stand-offs. 

Team Commander - Todd Tallant, from Howard County Sheriff's Department.

Team Leader - Blake Eudy, from Howard County Sheriff's Department.  

Entry Team -  Todd Tallant, Blake Eudy, Dustin Wakefield and Joey Davis from the Howard County Sheriff's Department;  Tim Bowlin from Nashville Police Department.    

Team Sniper -  Todd Tallant 

Team Snipers