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Howard County Sheriff's Department

Case of Missing Person:

Nona Jean Young (Coleman)   W/F,   02-26-51

On August 20, 2002, the case of Nona Jean Young was reopened at the request of her family.  Nona Young went missing sometime around June or July, 1973.  Nona is the mother of Sam Coleman of Nashville.  Sam was approximately three years old at the time of his mothers disappearance.  Nona's parents were Burlon Young and Roleen Jester.  Nona lived with her parents on highway 24 west of Nashville at the old Dildy home place.

Family members say that Nona ran away to Oklahoma with a man named Johnny Oglesby.  That information could not be confirmed due to the fact that Johnny Oglesby passed away on Jun 3, 1985.  The last time that anyone ever saw Nona was at her parents residence.  On that day, her clothes had been laid out on the bed and her shoes were on the floor next to the bed.  She has not been seen or heard from since then.

Barbara Coleman is Nona's sister and she stated that she reported Nona missing to the Little River County Sheriff's Office and the Texarkana Chief of Police at the time of her disappearance.

Family members say that  Burlon Young had sexually abused Nona as a child.  He also went to prison for approximately eight years for physical assault against Roleen.  Burlon Young passed away in 1992 or 1993.  The family states that Burlon did tell someone (person unknown) that he did kill Nona and throw her body in a well at the old house place.  On September 9, 2002, the Howard County Sheriff's Department assisted by Dr. Cheryl May of the Criminal Justice Institute opened the well with heavy equipment provided by the Howard County Road Department.  The well had been filled in with all different types of debris.  Approximately thirty feet of the earth was removed and examined without success.

The Arkansas, Texas & Oklahoma Bureau of Vital Records were contacted in an attempt to locate a death certificate for Nona Young.  There were no records found of her death.  The Social Security Administration records do not show any contributions or payments after 1973.

This case is inactive at this time, but remains open.  Anyone having information regarding the disappearance of Nona Jean Young (Coleman) is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the Howard County Sheriff's Department.


Howard County Sheriff's Department

Case of Missing Person

Robert Lomax    B/M    11-07-12

The disapearance of Robert Lomax was reported to the Howard County Sheriff's Department on November 27, 1992.  Deputy Travis Hughes responded to the call in the Saratoga area around dark that day, going to the Lomax residence and not being able to locate the subject.

Witness statements reflect that Mr. Lomax had Thanksgiving dinner on November 26th at the residence of Henry and Peggy Olden and stayed until around 5:00 p.m.  Mr. Lomax chose to walk home as he told the Olden's that he needed the exercise.  The distance from the Olden residence to the Lomax residence is short.  When last seen, Mr. Lomax was wearing a brown sweater, blue overalls and a hat.

An extensive search was conduted by Sheriff Dick Wakefield and his department utilizing approximately one hundred searchers and a helicopter.  The search was eventually called off after three days without success.  Sheriff Wakefield believed that foul play did exist in the matter and asked the Arkansas State Police to assist in the investigation.

Investigator Jerry Reed of the Arkansas State Police conducted interviews of people in the area around Saratoga and searched the Lomax residence.  Although there was no evidence of foul play at the Lomax residence, the feelings of the local residents were that Mr. Lomax was robbed and killed.  Mr. Lomax was known to carry large amounts of cash on his person at all times.

This case is considered a homicide.  The case is inactive at this time, but remains open.  Anyone having information about the disappearance of Robert Lomax is asked to contact the Criminal Investigation Division of the Howard County Sheriff's Department.